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Brilliant and quick-witted, one would have thought Dal was meant for greatness.

At the age of eight, Dal ran away from her home in the sylph capital of Llyri, fed up with what she felt was her people’s undue zealotry, and the conflict it bred. Today, she makes her living as a hustler in Ras Huran, Erj’s former largest port city.

Dal takes little pride in her lot as a thief—though considerably more in her skill as one—and her goal is little more than to remain free of societal obligation.

It may not be so easy.

First appearance: RS001

Heavy on accessories, light on conversation.

Qebrus is a decadent of the Luminous Body—a monastic order whose agents zealously hoard material wealth in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. His lust for gold and glass is born more from a sense of obligation than greed.

Whatever dubiety Qebrus may however have about his religious commitments is certainly smoothed by his symbiotic relationship with Dal, for whom he provides protection as she strips unsuspecting marks of their glass.

First appearance: RS005

A member of the sylph Astral Templar, Ro is honour bound to defend the moral and religious core of sylph culture—a mandate that often finds her tearing the faithless limb from limb, much to her delight.

However, the ecstasy Ro seems to find in violence has recently come to the attention of the Templar Mission Council, who consider her increasingly excessive use of force unbecoming of the public face of sylph society in Erj.

In her defense, she’s very good at her job.

First appearance: RS012

To call Sorril rough around the edges would unfairly call attention away from the rest of him, which is also pretty rough. 

Hailing from The Mire outside Navi Yanu’s southern wall, Sorril grew up in the literal shadow of luxury, a percieved injustice he has sought to correct all his life—by criminal means, if necessary. Nevertheless, for all the revulsion he generates in others, Sorril is kinder, smarter, and more capable than even he believes. 

Just… always stand upwind.

First appearance: RS001

That Ro and Zyr have remained close friends since childhood would seem impossible; Zyr’s kindness and curiosity stand in utter contrast to Ro’s zeal and short temper.

Zyr is so far removed from the general personality profile of a Templar that it would be fair to question how he ended up one at all. However, what Zyr lacks in rigid discipline is supplemented by his considerable ability as a diplomat, helping to foster understanding in the Templar’s dealings with the other erjan cultures.

First appearance: RS014

Lyale spent her childhood staring out the window of her parents’ luxurious spire in Navi Yanu, looking down at the wasteland and daydreaming about the exciting challenges that might await beyond the Bastion wall. Her parents, less than thrilled, warned her she would find only hardship. 

They were essentially correct.

While she never thought she’d find herself running a broken-down pit stop on a sunbaked cliff, looking after her rehab brother, Lyale is proud of her self-sufficiency, and enjoys being rid of the exhaustive rituals of high society.

First appearance: RS041