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Act 1

Runaway Dal and her surrogate elder brother Qebrus enjoy a simple life of thievery in Ras Huran, until a rumour that the sun is falling spurs in Qebrus a desire to return home and be with his people before the end. As the two set off, they find they’re not alone—Dal’s estranged sister Ro is hot on their trail, determined to drag Dal back to the life she left behind.

1.1 • Ras Huran

Dal and Qebrus complete a grift, and discuss the Sun on the walk home.


1.2 • The Western Waste

Having beaten a thrall to death, Ro airs her frustrations to Zyr.


1.3 • Ras Huran

Dal discovers Qebrus’ intention to return to his homeland, and relives a memory of her sister.


1.4 • Ras Huran

Ro and Zyr confront a pair of guards at Ras Huran’s main gate.


1.5 • Ras Huran

Dal is determined to accompany Qebrus on his journey home; Ro decides to follow.


1.6 • The Western Waste

Dal runs out of snacks.


1.7 • The Brink

At an outpost, Dal and Qebrus cross paths with their earlier marks, and the four are swiftly kicked out.


1.8 • The Western Waste

After discovering the corpse of a traveler, the party is beset by wasteland predators.


1.9 • The Western Waste

Ro catches up to the party, and a conflict ensues, to grave results.


Act 2

Now alone, Dal regroups with Sorril and Bome to decide what to do next—though a chance encounter with an acerbic stranger may ultimately make that decision for her.

2.1 • Llyri

Dal relives the events which led to her disability.


2.2 • The Western Waste

Dal regroups with Sorril and Bome.

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2.3 • Amnu

The party is introduced to Crjth, who confirms the Sun is falling.


2.4 • Amnu

Qebrus returns, and is immediately shot.


2.5 • The Western Waste

The party discovers Ro has vanished from the cliff; Dal resolves to help save the Sun.


2.6 • █

Presumed to be dead, Ro confronts a strange figure in a strange place.


2.7 • ?

Ro awakens, and finds herself surrounded by thralls.


2.8 • Amnu

Dal, Qebrus, and Crjth set off on their journey, as Sorril and Bome decide to return to the Brink.


2.9 • The Brink

Lyale chances upon a stranger in distress.


Act 3

As Dal, Qebrus and Crjth travel to join the suneater-led effort to rescue the Sun, Lyale and Sorril must decide what to do with an ill-tempered visitor.

3.1 • Llyri

Dal’s family attempt to live the residuum of the incident which left her disabled.


3.2 • The Brink

Sorril and Bome return to the Brink to discover Lyale has guests.

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