While most erjan cultures see Ybris as little more than Nyue’s malevolent mother, the sylph revere her as the potential of all of creation, ignoring Nyue’s existence altogether. The sylph believe in their own Celestial Heritage—that they are literally descended from the heavens. To them, Ybris is the Sky Beyond the Sky; she is outer space itself.

This descent, however, is not thought to have been a choice, but a punishment. It would have to be; why else would Ybris cast her children—the Astra, from whom the sylph claim lineage—into a barren waste, where the atmosphere itself is potentially lethal? What did they do to deserve this fate? When will Ybris forgive them?

What happened to the moon?

The Celestial Heritage Conservatory, located in the sylph city state of Llyri, works tirelessly to answer these questions, applying both scientific rigor and religious faith to uncover the ever-evolving truth.