Discounting specific organizations like the Luminous Body, the concepts of Nyue, Ybris, and the Abrogation exist mostly as loose oral tradition; with a few consistencies, such as three arms and female gender presentation, descriptions of both gods and their specific personalities otherwise vary significantly across Erj. In Ras Huran, Nyue appears as a great fisherman—a far humbler depiction than in Ras Aeos, where she is more specifically linked to the sun. As such, the erjan idea of an afterlife is similarly unclear. While the Abrogation—the end of all things—and Ybris as the personification of nonexistence are near-universally considered to be ‘bad’, it is not actually known what, or if, the experience of nonexistence truly is.

The sylph, however, ignore Nyue entirely, holding concrete belief in their scripture which explicitly defines Ybris to be their ultimate saviour from the hell they consider Erj. While such ‘saving’ demands a physical removal from Erj, it remains nebulous as to whether this will be achieved through death or other means, and the extent to which life will continue afterward.