Effective advertisement is a prized skill in Erj. Those with the ability to manipulate desire with colour, word, or song are looked upon with a degree of veneration by the masses, and artists of all disciplines can usually find steady patronage in erjan cities, creating eye-catching signage or memorable themes for local businesses. These artists-for-hire, however, are considered amateurs compared to the acolytes committed to unlocking the secrets of the Radiant Steppes.

The Radiant Steppes is a pilgrimage made by those seeking immutable charisma, and one from which few return. Largely considered a myth, this waste in Erj’s far east is said to glow, the ground itself, with an ever-changing display of colour and shape. According to legend, those who observe and meditate on the images long enough will learn incantations and mantras that can ensorcell the mind, and grant the speaker complete control over those who hear the words.

Erj’s east being so dangerous, however, most of those who study the Radiant Steppes are content to do so from afar. As such, very little has ever been confirmed.