Llyran produce is preferred throughout Erj for its exceptional ability to help clear one’s respiratory system of ash. This is primarily due to sylph agricultural and horticultural practices, which yield a particularly potent effect. However, any plant capable of surviving on the wild naturally filters ash, albeit to a smaller degree.

The windroot is a popular substitute used when a sylph harvest proves too costly. As a root vegetable, the flesh of the windroot is protected from the blowing sand and punishing sun, making it fairly easy for even non-farmers to grow. The root’s most attractive property, though, is in its ability to filter ash from the soil around it—in fact, with enough planted in close proximity, it can halt the growth of ash blooms on the surrounding terrain altogether. For this reason, most gardens in Erj include a small crop of windroot, even if it isn’t to be eaten.

And it often isn’t. Because it really doesn’t taste very good.