Despite the general erjan apathy for history, One familiar culture of erjan antiquity is the Ejskan (literally ‘ancient erjan’) people, whose telltale figurative sculpture work and windowed columns are easily identified—and impressively durable, given their age.

Predating the modern era by perhaps millenia, the Ejskans’ prolific artworks are typically religious in subject and depict Ybris and Nyue’s story in much the same way it is known today, with one major distinction: a second tier of supporting gods, who—to the degree that the work can be interpreted—appear to be attendants of Nyue, helping her to ferry all things that live back into Ybris’ Void in order to escape the Abrogation.

Work continues in the archives of Nulspire and abroad to translate relics and understand more about this fascinating remnant of Erj’s history, and some wonder if there are perhaps Ejskan descendants today still practicing the religion in its ancient form.