With little exception, the Erjan landscape is composed of various qualities of desert. However, although windswept sand and rock dominate an overwhelming majority of Erj’s real estate, other biomes do exist.

The Southern mountains are perhaps the most famous example, being the only place in Erj cold enough to receive snowfall—and from where most of the East’s drinkable water originates.

Llyri, though rarely traveled by non-sylph, is comparatively ‘greener’ than the typical wasteland, due largely to the efforts of its inhabitants to remove the ash from the land and air. The results are often considered impressive to visitors, though ‘green’ is perhaps an exaggeration. It’s scrubby, at best.

Navi Yanu is a world unto itself. A perfectly ash-free environment, the diversity and indeed survivability of life behind its wall is peerless in Erj. It is truly ‘green’, but most will live and die without ever being given the chance to see it.

And then there are the mires: great plains of treacherous silt and mud, dangerous not only for their ability to swallow entire caravans whole, but so too for the ability of the creatures that live within to do the same. Unfortunately, next to the deserts—and because of them—mires are the second most common type of terrain in the Erjan wild.