Most decadents dress as plainly as any monk, but their allegience is laid bare by the Weight of Existence: massive ornaments that serve as identification, conduits of worship, and often weapons.

Created by the master glaziers of the Luminous Body, a decadent’s Weight of Existence is his burden and his gift, serving as a reminder of his responsibility to the order and to himself, and as a dazzling bauble that perpetually attracts attention, for good or ill.

It is a common misconception that a decadent’s Weight of Existence must be a weapon; while they do often take the shape of hammers or blades, this is not a necessity. Decadents are well-known for their avaricious pursuits, and as such are routinely beseiged by bandits, privateers, and even other decadents, eager to get their hands on whatever valuables he might possess. For this reason, a decadent will often choose for his Weight of Existence a threatening form to dissuade attack, and to provide protection in the event of one. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see a decadent bearing a great ornate sundial, anchor, or other wearable monument, a pure expression of faith in Nyue.