To the casual observer, it would seem that the Astral Templar and thralls of Ybris do not represent an even match in combat—and in a purely physical context, this is largely correct. Armoured as they are, a Templar can easily, even while standing still, ignore the crude blades of metal and bone that are the hallmark tools of a thrall, and a one-on-one fight would be concluded as quickly as it began.

The reality of a thrall raid in Llyri, however, is much different. Thralls attack in numbers, with no clear strategy and a manic ferocity that is most often visited upon civilians before a formal response can even be mounted. This chaos gives little room for the sylph to properly coordinate their defense, and as such, two or three thralls are often able to repeatedly overwhelm individual Templar in the disarray and crack their armour open before being fended off.

The Templar have not yet failed in defending Llyri from the thralls of Ybris, but their casualties are always higher than one might guess.