But for the sylph artisans who produce them, few know of what specific steps the process of creating a Llyrian candle is comprised. This mystique, paired with the candle’s telltale green flame when lit, creates in non-sylph a particular unease, and as such these candles have long been a symbol of sylph otherness—and the seed of many myths of sylph witchcraft—in erjan territories.

Ironically, were erjans more reluctant in their prejudice, they too could benefit from the mundane truth of the Llyrian candle: that it is, by nature of its chemical process, an excellent local deterrent of ash. A single candle can create a meters-wide, spherical ash-free perimeter, and as such burn day and night all over Llyri, working in concert with the city’s complex ventilation system to continually relocate ash back into the waste.