Dangerous though they might be, mires are yet not as dangerous as the ‘mireworms’ which often inhabit them. Despite wide colloquial adoption of the term, however, ‘worm’ is fundamentally inaccurate; rather, the moniker refers the distinctly unwormlike creature’s several appendages, which are often all that is seen by those hunters and miscreants alike who attempt to rouse it from beneath the mud by thrown bricks and stones.

In reality, a mireworm more resembles some of the smaller creatures found in the Erjan sea, albeit at a grander scale. Those daring enough to brave the desert by night will on rare occasion see one rise from beneath the silt, stretching the mud of its mire across vast apertures in its shell which enable it to trap an internally-produced gas and allow it to ascend dozens of meters into the air above the mire, where it feeds on airborne ash particles.