Ash rot is a mesmerizing but poorly understood phenomenon—though it seems to effect each Erjan race, the circumstances and severity vary wildly.

The average erjan will live and die without ever having seen the effects of the disease, owing to their natural immunity, and the practice of burying of their dead long before airborne ash can claim the remains.

Obversely, the sylph are extremely susceptible, the vast majority of their population being genetically unable to withstand ash that has infiltrated their respiratory system, and thus being quickly eaten alive from the inside out.

Suneaters are, like erjans, largely adapted to ash, though they do not bury their dead, and thus are quite familiar with ash rot, and have put much scientific effort into attempting to safely study its effects, as well as its role in the proliferation of ash in general.

It is rumoured that eidola suffer no effect whatsoever from ash, let alone rot—though with eidola being so comparatively rare, there is simply not enough data to conclude anything for certain.