Among Cuardas’ observations of Ybric thralls were not only that they congregate into ‘family groups’ substantially larger than previously believed, but also where such congregations most often seem to make their homes: specifically, in and around Ejskan ruins, the remains of which are found commonly throughout the Western Waste, and sporadically in the westmost reaches of the Eastern Waste.

The reason for this pattern of behaviour is not certain. Perhaps thralls, as much as anyone else, seek a measure of comfort beyond the naked harshness of the Erjan wilderness—though this would seem to be at odds with a thrall’s categorical rejection of the structure of existence, or what the Luminous Body calls ‘Isness’. Perhaps, instead, the choice of domicile has more to do with the strange artifacts and inscrutable writings often encountered within Ejskan ruins. Whatever the case, more research into the matter is clearly indicated.