The creation of an ash-free environment takes more than one’s proximity to water and trees. Beyond horticulture, another discipline at which sylph excel is ventilation. Through the generations, the sylph have gained a singularly excellent understanding of air and water pressure, and utilize this knowledge to remove stray ash particulates in the air through a monstrously complex infrastructure of pipes, wind turbines and aqueducts that runs throughout the entire city, and deep into the cliffside beneath it. The pipemasters who can navigate and maintain this system are venerated in Llyri, and this occupation is dominated by those few sylph whose lungs can process ash, as not only is it many times safer for them, but it also earns them some much-sought respect among the majority ash-prone population.

As an additional benefit of this system, Llyri boasts the most advanced bathing and waste removal systems in Erj.