Thralls bear a hatred for all that continues to be—and that hatred burns for no particular group more than the sylph, who also worship Ybris. However, to the sylph, the interpretation of Ybris as nothingness, as the Void, is more literal: she is the void of outer space, the heavens themselves, from which the sylph believe they originate. The sylph view life in Erj, amongst endless desert and an atmosphere they cannot natively breathe, as a punishment, and their society revolves chiefly around righting whatever blasphemous wrong they must have committed to deserve it, and removing the stain keeps them Erjbound. The sylph adore Ybris, ignoring Nyue and the Abrogation altogether—and this infuriates the thralls, as no action could deserve a return to unbeing more than an incorrect interpretation of their god.