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Hello! Before you read this update’s lore, we wanted to take a moment to let you know we’ve opened our Ko-fi to recurring monthly pledges, just like Patreon! We’ll be porting older Patreon content to Ko-fi over time, but all future content will be available in both places, and eventually, the content will reach parity. Now those of you who have wanted to support RS, but have reservations about Patreon as a platform, have a handy alternative. Check it out—and while you’re there, you can visit the Shop tab to buy merch, should you wish everyone in your life ask you what that weird broken donut is on your laptop or bag. Thank you! We’ll be updating more frequently in 2024! 🍻

Naturally, Llyri’s government, being a theocracy, is less than thrilled by the glut of ‘heathen’ popular culture imported from erjan cities. Sylph books, music, fashion and even sports have been undeniably influenced by the Llyran fascination with ‘round-ear’ culture.

However, the Celestial Heritage Conservatory is hesitant to remove these influences outright, and provide verbose rationale to the public whenever banning select items they find particularly egregious. A happy populace is, after all, a more pliable one.